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Early Cistercian architecture will provide the primary basis for design, especially in liturgical spaces. The design will be articulated as large-scale residential and light industrial (altar bread), not commercial. The design will also incorporate vernacular elements, but in a way that renders them timeless, pointing us all towards eternity.


We hope to use passive, natural, simple, low-tech systems as much as possible, as well as capitalize on natural heat, natural cooling, and natural ventilation.  Our resources available for this purpose are limited, but we invite donors to consider helping us reach this goal.


We are aiming for excellent indoor air quality and access to natural light; maximum use  of low- or no-toxin-outputting products as much as possible; and ease of access to Creation, at least visually, for all sisters and guests.   


As a matter of principle, we seek the highest quality and integrity in every aspect of the project, in processes, documentation, human creativity and interaction, materials, craftsmanship and ethics.


The completed monastery complex will include a chapel for nuns and guests; quarters and parking for guests; living, working and other liturgical and ceremonial spaces for the nuns; an altar bread production building, garage and various outbuildings.


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